Our Charity's Mission

We work to create positive social and economic members of society amongst Cape Town’s street children through football academies and feeding programmes. Existing programmes give the children and the wider community the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to move forward in life, away from crime and out of the gangster lifestyle.

With local Cape Town Christian soccer academy Great Commission (GCU), we aim to implement a work ethic that is needed to be successful in life. GCU is creating a chain of knowledge and experience by encouraging older members to pass down their knowledge and skills to younger members who will in turn pass their knowledge on to future members.

Here we see the local people recieving one of the weekly meals which Goal50 provides.


The clip below shows a typical Goal50 Feeding Programme. 

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Our News & Events

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50th anniversary of England winning the World Cup

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The Goal

By the end of 2016, we need to raise £275,000 for our building projects in Cape Town. Also £20k to continue our Feeding Programmes in Heideveld, Langa and Khayelitsha, Cape Town.


Feeding Programmes


Heideveld is one of the most depressed communities in South Africa. Life expectancy in this province is just 15 years. Boys as young as seven join gangs. In a shocking and perverse way it gives them a sense of belonging.

How you can help...