23 December 2016

December 2016 Trip to Cape Town

Nigel Pascoe has recently returned from the latest Goal50 trip to South Africa. 

Sadly, there were eight murders in the Heideveld area whilst he was there. There were also several car hijacks. People were also doing crazy things like drinking petrol to 'get better'. Others were sprayed with a mosquito repellent called Doom to 'cure them from disease.'

On the other hand, lives were changed and restored against the backdrop of violence and gangsterism. Many became Christians.


A soccer festival Goal50 sponsored



Part of the men's queue at the Wed Feeding Programme. Over 1,300 meals were served in Heideveld



Addressing the crowd at the Heideveld FP



Delivering food at the Ark Drug Rehab


Image2 1

These guys are ex-gangsters, addicts and traffickers but their lives have been changed as they are now Christians. They are going through rehab at the Ark but will be soon integrated back into society and will be mentors to other guys caught up in drugs.


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We sponsored a football tournament at Nyanga township and called it the Pilgrim Cup. Nyanga is known as the murder capital of the Western Cape. Sadly, a 13 year old girl was raped by 10 men in this settlement the day before the tournament. A police officer was also shot dead on the same day




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