25 May 2012

Nigel and Jayne Pascoe visit Cape Town

Goal50 founder and chairman Nigel Pascoe travelled to Cape Town in May 2012 with his wife Jayne. Catching up with events at GCU was high on their agenda, but meetings also took place with potential funders, the trustees of GCU and local government officials.

Time was also spent in the township community of Langa where 100,000 people live in an area of just two square miles. Some of the boys in this township attend the soccer academy. Families live in homes constructed of corrugated iron sheets with internal partitions made of cardboard. In cold winter months they keep warm by making fires in wastepaper bins inside their homes.

The land purchase to enable the building of an orphanage is progressing well but ‘political’ barriers need to be overcome. The plot of land is large enough to accommodate a day-care centre and the government is keen for Goal50 to construct both. Whilst a day-care centre was not in the original plan, this amenity would be a huge benefit to the community of Heideveld. Whilst the orphanage will provide a home for a small number of children, the day-care centre will support over 300 children on a weekly basis.

Jayne particularly enjoyed spending time with children attending the after-school tutoring programme. 

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