08 November 2012

Sergio Aguero, pyjamas and saver tubes

Thanks are due to many people for their generosity and assistance in helping us reach our £50k goal for 2012.

Sweet Sixteen

Last year, a Sergio Aguero autographed shirt raised over £500 when it was auctioned for the charity. Aguero clinched Manchester City’s nail-biting Premier League title with an injury-time winning goal. He scored 30 goals in a fantastic season for Manchester City and is one of the world’s top players. The shirt was kindly donated by a local business and is a real collector’s item.

Shirts or Pyjamas?

150 Portuguese shirts and 25 footballs were provided by Costa Electrics in Jersey and were taken out to the children in GCU on the last trip. As imagined, they were greatly appreciated and it was later reported that the children didn’t take them off for days, even going to bed in them with the tags still attached. This shows that a simple sports shirt can be a powerful alternative to the insignia associated with gang culture.

Coin Collecting Saver Tubes

THANK YOU to the great coin-savers of Guernsey and Jersey. We’ve been amazed at how much we’ve raised using these Goal50 tubes. Great for families, schools and church groups. Call us, we’ll be delighted to send you just the one, or as many tubes as you might need.

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