19 March 2015

Trip to Cape Town - March 2015

Trip to Cape Town - March 2015

Ian Langlois and Nigel Pascoe have recently returned from the latest Goal50 trip to Heideveld in Cape Town, South Africa. The week before leaving, the charity received written confirmation that the South African government has now agreed to sell a plot of land for the building of a day-care centre. 
The Goal50 story in Cape Town continues to evolve. Reformed gangster, Mario van Niekerk, who founded the soccer academy 14 years ago now employs 24 coaches as the sports facilities expand. Some 2,500 children are taught sports programmes at five school locations. Soccer is still the primary focus but basketball, rope skipping and boxing also feature. Several Guernsey FC football shirts were taken out as presents along with Roary mascots.

Goal50's first property was purchased last November and whilst in Cape Town last week discussions took place with architects and builders to modify the house for the care of children.
The time spent in the Cape Flats was a combination of sessions with the sports programmes, administration and strategy, business and government meetings. Time was also spent on the social benefit side of the charity with regards to the Feeding Programmes and Job Creation schemes. This year Goal50 will provide in excess of 60,000 meals. Teaching and speaking sessions in local churches also took place.
The communities in the Cape Flats suffer severely with a massive drug problem. Time was spent with at a Drug Rehabilitation centre where Goal50 is providing a weekly meal for the 350 men. One of the most frequently used drugs is called unga. It is a mix of heroin, rat poison and cleaning fluids and causes permanent damage to the body to the people who take it.
On the trip, a new Feeding Programme was established at Khayalitsha, the largest of the townships where 1m people live in appalling conditions. Footballs and shirts were taken out from Guernsey businesses. Many of the boys play football in bare feet on the street 'pitches'. Often these pitches are created on tracks and roads. Goalposts were also donated.
Time was also spent at The South African Institute for Advancement. As from now, the academy coaches will be able to develop their own skills as they continue to tutor hundreds of children in the after-school programmes. Nigel Pascoe quotes, 'This last trip was hugely successful. It is very humbling to see folk queue for a meal not knowing where the next one will come from. There is much do but we have seen many improvements over the last four years since we have been assisting the soccer school. We are happy to partner with these people.'


Nigel Pascoe with some boys in Khayalitsha

Khayelitsha Footballs


Nigel Pascoe & Ian Langlois with Mario van Niekerk (reformed gangster and founder of the GCU Soccer Academy)

Guernsey FC Shirts


One of the queues at the Heideveld Feeding Programme where 600 people were fed.

Heideveld Feeding Programme

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