What We Do

Goal50 is a Guernsey registered charity which was set up in November 2010 to assist a South African soccer academy, Great Commission United (GCU), achieve its goal in purchasing / building a small orphanage in Cape Town. Originally, the property was intended to care for approximately 10/12 children. The original financial aim was to raise £50k. On recent visits, the project has developed and Goal50 is now in negotiations with the South African government about purchasing a parcel of land from the government and building not only an orphanage but a day-care centre on the site as well. As a result, the funding target increased to £210k.

The Orphanage

Providing a safe home will provide both short term and long term benefits. The short term impact is that the children will have hope and security in a very volatile community. The long term effect is that when the children grow up and become successful, the families will benefit and so will society.

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Feeding Programmes

On the January 2013 trip to Cape Town, Nigel & Lydia Pascoe helped to organise a Feeding Programme in the township of Langa which is a settlement of some 100,000 people living in a 1.1 square mile area. A simple meal of pasta and soya mince was provided and over 300 people were fed. Some of these people had not eaten for two days. On returning to Guernsey, Goal50 made a commitment to provide one Feeding Programme a month in Langa and a further monthly programme has recently started in Heideveld.

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Sponsoring coaches

GCU has a desire to create positive social and economic members of society. The programmes that the coaches provide give the children in the community the opportunity to develop the necessary skills that will enable them to move forward in life away from crime and out of the gangster life style. The GCU coaches provide a work ethic that is needed to be successful in life. The coaches  create chains of knowledge and experience that encourages the older children to pass down their knowledge and skills to the younger members thus creating a sustainable and positive cycle.

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